Why ClickItTwice?

Have you checked out the prices of other companies?  

Many other companies' prices start at $1500 or higher for a most basic site. Those that will provide you with a site for $400 or $500 usually will require you to keep your site very basic and will limit what you can post. 

We're not like that. We understand that small businesses need to have a professional-looking site, without having to break the bank. 

After viewing our portfolio, many of our potential clients ask, "Will I really get all of that for this low cost?"

Our response is an enthusiastic



The designers at ClickItTwice have been providing quality Web site services since 1997. Our company was born out of the realization that many small companies, non-profits and churches cannot afford the high costs of Web site design. However, these small and growing organizations are just the types that need Web sites most urgently.

What we can share with you out of our years of experience, is this:

Long before people visit your business or organization, they "check you out" on the web!

Small businesses cannot afford to spend hard-earned money on marketing and not have a professional web site. Your organization may actually be losing its ability to reach its fullest potential because you lack this vital marketing tool.

ClickItTwice understands that many new businesses and non-profits do not have budgets large enough to support the thousands of dollars most Web design companies charge. With us, you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality, professional product that will represent your company or organization just the way you want it to. At the same time, your budget will enjoy a much lower cost!

Call today! We can get your site done quickly and inexpensively. You've known for a while that you need a Web site... well now you can afford it. Don't delay any longer!


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